In honor of Back to School The Nation Magazine has a list of Top Ten Back to School songs and they pretty much rock our world. Who doesn’t love a bit of Pink Floyd and The Ramones this early in the morning?

Today is National Aviation Day, NAD is a United States national observation that celebrates the development of aviation.

The holiday was established in 1939 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who issued a presidential proclamation which designated the anniversary of Orville Wright’s birthday to be National Aviation Day (Mr. Wright, born in 1871, was still alive when the proclamation was first issued, and would live another nine years). So since none of us here fly planes we’re just going to wing it (pun intended).

Akademos, Inc., has recognized nine students at colleges across the country for their creativity in this year’s Akademos/TextbookX Textbook Scholarship Contest. The first place winner, two runner-up winners, and six honorable mention winners all received a textbook scholarship to apply towards course materials for fall 2014.

To participate in the contest, students posed with their favorite book and submitted their self-taken photos with a creative caption to the TextbookX Facebook page.  After uploading their#BookShelfie —a play on the word “bookshelf” and the social media “selfie” trend— students encouraged friends and family to vote for their entry.

The scholarship contest winners were announced on August 12th, during what Akademos has designated as “Textbook Affordability Week.”  Textbook Affordability Week was developed to educate students about the benefits of shopping for textbooks early in the back to school shopping season, when prices are the most competitive.

After most college Spring terms end and right before fall term begins, the market is flooded with used books that students have sold back into circulation as part of textbook buy-back initiatives, thereby increasing inventory and decreasing book costs. College students who buy earlier in the summer are more likely to find discounts on textbooks.

The Akademos / TextbookX Textbook Scholarship winners are listed below:

  •     Grand Prize Winner ($500 Textbook Scholarship)– Faizan Haque, University of California Irvine
  •     Runner Up ($250 Textbook Scholarship) – Chrissi Lopez, Fort Myers Institute of Technology
  •     Runner Up ($250 Textbook Scholarship) – Michelle Stock, Millikin University

Our honorable mention winners, awarded with a $25 textbook scholarship, were:

  •     Honorable Mention – Holly Tidwell, Union College of Kentucky
  •     Honorable Mention – Tori Thoutt, University of Northern Colorado
  •     Honorable Mention – Tiffany Latshaw, Central College
  •     Honorable Mention – Katie Perry, Columbia International University
  •     Honorable Mention – Breanna Berry, Hamline University
  •     Honorable Mention – Joy Law, Columbia International University

To view the entries, visit

Akademos / TextbookX would like to thank all students for entering their fall 2014 Textbook Scholarship Photo Contest. To stay updated on TextbookX Scholarship opportunities, like TextbookX on Facebook.

Who doesn’t love a good suspense, horror thriller flick? Alfred Hitchcock is the Master of suspense he pioneered many techniques in the suspense and psychological thriller genres. Hitchcock would have been 115 years old yesterday, imagine if we’d had him around just a little bit longer the works we would have gotten.

Time to announce our Honorable Mention winners from our ‪#‎BookShelfie‬ scholarship contest. Each winner was picked based on the level of creativity and fun, each student received a $25 gift card to our site that they can use towards the purchase of their textbooks.

Tiffany Latshaw
Katie Perry, no not that Katy Perry.
Breanna Berry
Tori Thoutt
Holly Tidwell
Joy Law

Thank you to everyone who participated we wish you all could win!

One can make the argument that there’s nothing cooler than the The Muppets rapping the Beastie Boys So What’cha Want, and they’d be totally and completely right.

One can make the argument that there’s nothing cooler than the The Muppets rapping the Beastie Boys So What’cha Want, and they’d be totally and completely right.

It’s rush time at Kennedy-King College and our interns are working super hard to make sure all the students get help ordering their textbooks. Here’s one hard at work now, thanks for all your help guys!


The grand prize winner of TextbookX’s #BookShelfie textbook scholarship contest is Faizan Haque, student at the University of California, Irvine! Faizan has won a $500 textbook scholarship to

Our first runner-up is Chrissi Lopez, Lee County High Tech Central (Fort Meyers Institute of Technology)! Chrissi has won a $250 textbook scholarship to

Our second runner-up is Michelle Stock, Milikin University! Michelle also won a $250 textbook scholarship to

Congratulations to our winners, we will announce our Honorable Mentions today as well. Thank you to everyone who participated we hope you’ll join us again next year, you guys had some great entries.

Hey City Colleges of Chicago summer session students, you guys saved over $300,000 on your textbooks!! We are so psyched that we were able to save you that much in such a short time and cannot wait to see how much that amount jumps up for the fall semester.

Fall course materials are now posted so get online and order!

Today is World Elephant Day, we often forget how these beautiful creatures effect our lives. They are intelligent, family oriented emotional animals who love humans, let’s love and celebrate them right back.